Jean Charles Story

We are an Australian owned cosmetic manufacturing company based in Wetherill Park for over 34 years.

Jean Charles is owned and operated by Cedric and Caroline Borcherds and Danny and Effie Stamiris.

Cedric and Caroline Borcherds formed the company in 1981. Effie Stamiris joined the company in 1991and Danny Stamiris joined the company in 2006.

Our Lanolin range was the first of our 3 unique product ranges to be created. We had a dream, to create quality skin care products in Australia by Australians that were of superior quality yet extremely affordable.

From the moment our lanolin range was launched in January 1994, consisting of only 4 unique products, we knew we had created something special. We did not have a lot of customers at first, but the ones that did take a chance with Jean Charles Lanolin skin crème,kept reordering larger quantities more frequently. We worked closely with our few customers and one distributor and handled each and every customer query with honesty and care. Thanks to our dedication, our small lanolin range grew into an extraordinary business.

We have been manufacturing hair and skin care products for over 34 years. Our products are sold in Souvenir and Duty free stores throughout Australia and have also been exported to many countries around the world over the years; United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Taiwan, Greece etc.

Our passion for the business along with our extensive knowledge and industry experience make us the successful company that we are today.

Our dedicated staff and our hands-on approach to managing the business is the catalyst for the growth and success we have experienced.

Jean Charles has become a recognised market leader in quality skin care products and our product ranges are widely sought after.

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